Bridal Flowers

Silk bridal flowers, beautifully hand-crafted, to add that something special to gowns, hats or headdresses.

Click on pictures below for larger images and more information.

F1332/L Rose F1372 Large rose F4061 Peony F1122/L rose F4062 Rose & F4063 Rose bud F1189/L rose F972L rose F1174/L rose F1128/L roseF1128/L rose F1135 dahlia F996 lily F1009 lily FS1133DL Orchid spray F497 Gardenia FS1307 Lily spray FS4013 Rose spray FS4015 Rose spray FS4012 Rose spray F4019 Peony FS627 Lily spray F630 Lily F4108 Camellia F4124/L Rose

Please note - these designs can also be made to order in any of our other colours making them suitable for hats or corsages, etc.

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